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Monday, January 15, 2007

Black Rose by Nora Roberts...

Hero: Dr. Mitchell Carnegie
Heroine: Ms. Rosalind Harper
Category: Contemporary, Paranormal
Page Count: 291 pages
Grade: B-

Roz is a woman of independent means who thinks love is all in the past-but she's about to be taken by surprise.

Number-one bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the second novel of her In the Garden trilogy, as three women discover the secrets from the past contained within their historic home.

Book #2 was more enjoyable for me than Book #1 was. I'm sure it had to do with me liking Roz more than I liked Stella. She was an older woman who had lived a great life which was sometimes hard, sometimes good. It was great to finally meet people that were mentioned in the first book, like Harper's brothers and Roz's other sons, Mason and Austin. I enjoyed meeting and seeing them interact with their mother, it was a treat.

I loved reading about Mitch and his son and their little weekly date night. He's so cute. What I loved most about Mitch was how honest he was. That may have had to do with the fact that he's no longer unsure of what he wants and he's a lot more mature than most heroes, being almost 50 and all but I really, really liked Mitch. I loved how honest he was about his first marriage and taking his part of the blame in it and owning up to it. I loved how much he wanted to stick up for Roz but let her do it on her own because he knew it was what she wanted.

I loved how he understood Roz and still loved her anyway. She was a complicated woman, a hardheaded woman at times (which sometimes drove me up the wall) but I loved how he stuck by her because she was the one for him. What I loved most about him is that he didn't back down from Harper when Harper went over to his house, itching for a fight. I loved how even though he was pissed at Harper, he let him rant and rave at him and then let him sit and finish watching the game with him.

I loved when he said this line:

"I'll hold your coat, then you can hold mine."

I thought that was the most perfect thing to say to Roz's son after finding out the latest catastrophe that happened. It was so cute and made me fall in love with Mitch for Roz. I got all gooey inside for Mitch after reading that line.

It was fantastic!

Roz was a very strong, capable and admirable heroine. Being that she was older than your average heroine, I guess that was the only way to go but I really liked Roz. She was smart, funny and just great. It did grate on my nerves a bit that she just wouldn't lean on Mitch and her family the way they wanted her to, the way she just HAD to do and handle everything herself. But what I liked about her is that she didn't run away from calling herself an idiot after all was said and done.

The storyline was great, the flow of the book was a bit slow on the pick up but for the most part, this book was a great read. I'm glad I read it and I think most anyone would enjoy this book, if you and finish Blue Dahlia, then I know you'll like this book a whole lot better.

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Blogger Holly said...

OH! I'm glad you read it and liked it. I think I've re-read that scene where she catches you-know-who outside the bathrooms like 5 times. *snicker*

I can't wait to see what you think of the last book. ;)

January 15, 2007 at 9:44 PM  
Blogger Dylan aka Rowena said...

Oh dude...I know what you're talking about, that scene was classic and gosh I'm so totally smitten with Harper...have been since Stella's book, I'm so effing glad that I'm finally reading his book! WOO HOO!

I really liked Mitch but seriously? He aint got nothing on Harper. *sigh*

January 16, 2007 at 9:31 AM  

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