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Friday, March 30, 2007

Night Secrets by Kat Martin

They had come from opposite worlds: Brianna, a young woman trapped in a life from which she longs to escape, and Capt. Marcus Delaine, the Earl of Hawksmoor, a man whose heart and soul cannot be touched by anyone. When Brianne stows away on his ship, their lives are filled with passion. But when tragedy strikes, Brianne and Marcus are torn from each other. Traveling to England, Brianne is determined to touch the heart of the embittered man Marcus becomes--even if it means losing him forever.

My first Kat Martin book. Pretty good.

Brianne did bother me in the beginning of the book though. See, she's a tavern wench in her father's tavern. She's sick and tired of working there. So she decides to stowaway on Marcus' ship. She wants to have an adventure and see things. She's discovered though by someone and he takes pity on her. So he keeps her presence a secret. Unfortunalty they encounter rough waters and Brianne is discovered. Marcus is not happy and makes her stay in his chambers. The kind man is punished. Brianne complains it's not fair. Oh well, Marcus says, he didn't follow orders and report her so he must be punished. Brianne is allowed to work in the kichten but decides to sneak down to visit the guy and bring him food. On her way she's almost raped. Marcus rescues her again and this time says she's can't leave the room and she must watch the guy get flogged. She insists she's ok and doesn't want him to be flogged but Marcus doesn't bend. You'd think she'd learn her lesson right? Nope.

They pull into port and Brianne is left behind becuase it's not safe. She decides to walk about the ship thinking she'll be ok. Nope. The guy who was flogged comes back and attempts to kidnap her. She is once again saved. See, annoying. After Marcus rescues her, again, he comforts her and they do the nasty.

When they head back home, Brianne tells Marcus she understands that she won't see him for a long time and promises if she's preggers, she'll write. Then it's Marcus' turn to be annoying.

While at sea there is a really bad storm and Marcus is hurt. Really hurt, like he could never walk again hurt. He's taken back home to England. Someone sails back to Brianne to tell her what happened and she sails to England. She wants to be with Marcus. Of course, Marcus being man, yells at her to leave but secretly hopes she'll stay. Brianne is then told the doctor had said it's possible that Marcus could learn to walk again.

Will he? Will he pull through?

All in all, a good story. It wasn't great but it was enough to make me want to read more.

Grade: C+/B- (cause they both got on my nerves sometimes)

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Blogger Chantal said...

I really like Kat Martin.
I have not read this one, but I will soon.

March 30, 2007 at 8:30 PM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Hey Izzy,

This book kind of reminds me of Johanna Lindsey's Gentle Rogue, not the whole thing just the well, never mind..it just does. LOL. But great review sweetie, I'm putting this on the list! =)


March 30, 2007 at 8:36 PM  
Blogger Jazz said...

Funny cause I read this book and do remember all that happening but not in an annoying way. She didn't walk into things stupidly. I acutally loved this book. Now I wanna do a reread. I think the only thing I was a little disapointed with was that the end lacked as much flare as the rest of the book.

March 30, 2007 at 9:14 PM  

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