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Monday, October 2, 2006

Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann

Hero: Cosmo Richter
Heroine: Jane Mercedes Chadwick
Category: Contemporary, Military
Page Count: 560 pages
Grade: A
Buy It: Here, or Here.

When Navy SEAL Chief Cosmo Richter's mother falls and breaks both of her wrists, he applies for a month of leave to care for her. Soon it becomes clear that she's comfortable and happy with her nursing care, and needs little from him besides a daily visit.

Unused to idle time, Cosmo approaches former SEAL Tom Paoletti, founder of civilian security organization called Troubleshooters Incorporated. Tom eagerly signs him on. Cosmo has no idea that this temporary project will lead him deep into the life of movie producer and screenwriter Jane Mercedes Chadwick.

Jane's latest project, American Hero - a World War II drama that dares to acknowledge homosexuality - has raised the ire of certain outspoken groups such as the so-called Freedom Network and she's been receiving horrifying death threats on a regular basis.

On the surface, Hollywood writer Jane Chadwick and tough-as-nails Navy SEAL Cosmo Richter are polar opposites. But both have intricate facades in place, hiding their true selves from public scrutiny. When thrust together, they develop a tentative friendship and begin to let each other in. But neither has learned to trust, and they'll be many missteps before they can admit that what they've found is real love - and that their relationship is worth fighting for.

Gosh this book was really good and I'm talking really good, even after the first three times I've read this book, it was good and it continues to be good to me. Cosmo was one of the SEALs that I wanted to get to know more of because he was such a hottie, quiet guy.

You should know that I have a thing for quiet and lethal guys and if Cosmo isn't one of those guys then I don't know who is. I loved reading about the quiet and mysterious man who was deadly and lethal, a man who wasn't a talker, one who was a doer...hehe, he's a doer. I'd like to do him. hehe.

Anyway, back to the story, so Cos has all this time off since his Mom doesn't need him to care for her, so he goes to Tom to get some work, to fill in his time and is assigned to watch out for Mercedes Chadwich, big hot shot screenwriter. She goes by Jane though, just so you know. You see, Jane wrote a screen play about the homosexuality of some of the men in World War 2 and it's gotten a lot of flack from different anti homosexual organization like, the Freedom Network. So Cos is hired to keep her safe and keep the weirdo's off her set, which he does.

Personally, Cos can seriously do no wrong where I'm concerned because he's just seriously hot stuff, but I was happy to read this book, I finished it quite fast the first time I read it and this last time, I think it's gotten me out of my reading funk.

I love the discription of Cosmo too:

The SEAL chief was tall and muscular, with a lean face and pale blue eyes he usually kept hidden behind sunglasses. Yeah, he was impressively dangerous-looking -- something no one had ever been able to say about Decker, even during his own years with the Navy.

Damn, those pale blues eyes? To die for.

The book moved along at a fast pace which was great for me, since I tend to get bored really easily, but Suz did a great job, keeping the storyline flowing and her character development was pretty good. I loved the secondary storyline between Robin and Jules, gosh it was good to see Jule again, I missed him in Gone Too Far but was wrapped up in his story, which surprises me because I didn't think I could really get into a gay love story, because it's just not my thing, but I liked the story of Robin and Jules, but unlike what I'm used to from Suz, to me, their storyline didn't usurp all of my attention from Cos and Jane.

I liked reading about the behind the scenes action of a movie in the making, I liked getting to know Cosmo and I think Jane was a good heroine, not one of my favorites, but she was acceptable for Cos, not like our Izzy but she'll do for his story...LOL.

The book was great and I totally recommend this book to anyone who wants a good romantic suspence to pass the time...this one doesn't disappoint.

Grace says:

After Dylan's rave review and a push from Ames, I quickly scooped this one up from the library and found myself drawn back into the SEAL series. It had the action and humor, which I've always loved, and distinguishable and loveable characters that stick with you, even after their happily ever after. I can't say enough good things about SB's talent, because darn..her books are just fab!

Now since Dee has already given you a run down on the plot, I'll just add my thoughts on the story. I've always been intrigued by Cosmo when he was introduced in earlier books, but I never shared Izzy's love for the particular SEAL. But now, having read his book? Oh Izzy girl, I do see the attraction. *wink* He's quietly lethal, impressive and fierce and yet, there's a vulnerability about him that makes him human. Sometimes, he stumbles with his words when he doesn't feel in his element but in the next second he's back to being in control, decisive and very much intimidating. But not to the point of being an overbearing alphamale jerk. In fact, he was amazingly patient with Jane and didn't flinch at apologising if he was wrong. Oh, and lets not forget his sense of honor, generousity and love for his mama without being a push over. Gotta love that.

I thought it was cool to have Jane putting on a facade for the world to see, and then to have Cosmo strip her down to her core to see the real Jane. Not the Jane who wore distracting sexy outfits to get her way or the sexpot who pretended to be with a different man every week to keep her profile up, but the real Jane who would rather be comfortable in an oversized t-shirt and boxers than wear anything remotely sexy to bed. It was good to see Cosmo get through her defenses and vice versa.

As for the subplot with Jules, I really enjoyed it! It was great to get a deeper look into his character beyond being Alyssa's best friend. The only thing that irked me regarding this, was that Jules didn't get his HEA. Call me a romantic sap, but it just didn't feel right, leaving him hanging like that. Poor Jules.

Anyway, this was a great romantic suspense read and one I recommend, especially if you've read the prior books in the series. :)

Verdict: B+

The reading order:
The Unsung Hero
The Defiant Hero
Over the Edge
Out of Control
Into the Night
Gone Too Far
Flash Point
Hot Target
Breaking Point

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