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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Truly, Madly, Yours by Rachel Gibson

When pretty hairdresser Delaney Shaw returned home to Truly, Idaho, for the reading of her stepfather's will, she planned on paying her respects and getting out of town. But it seems the will has some unexpected stipulations-like the one that says if Delaney wants her inheritance she needs to stay put and have nothing to do with sexy Nick Allegrezza. . .for an entire year!

Ten years ago, Nick had swept Delaney off her feet and onto his Harley, and that's when she really let her down her Hair! Back then, he was a love-'em-and-leave-'em man, and Delaney learned the hard way that she was just a fling. But Nick is as irresistible as ever. And when the ladies at Tuesday night Bingo see Nick and Delaney making after-hours whoopee through the window of a local beauty parlor, Delaney knows it's time to decide if Nick I truly, madly the man of her heart. -- Excerpt from Rachel Gibson's website

Ten years ago, Delaney made a hasty exit from Truly, Idaho to escape her mother and step father's controlling ways. But not before Nick Allegrezza, the infamous bad boy of the town managed to get her flat on her back on the hood of his car - a fact neither of them can forget. Now that Delaney's back in town (for a brief time, or so she thinks) Delaney realises that whatever was between them years ago, is still there. And to make it worse, her step father just had to try and control her life, even after death.

According to Henry Shaw's will, Delaney could expect to receive a big fat inheritence IF she stayed in town for an entire year, but if she left..everything would go to Nick. Unexpectedly, Henry also left a provision for Nick. IF Nick can keep his goods in his pants and out of Delaney's for an entire year, then he'll be entitled to receive highly coveted properties..otherwise said properties would go to Delaney. Delaney is clearly outraged, as we'd expect, after finding out about Henry's will. But Nick on the other hand, he's purposely obnoxious -- "Does one fuck constitute a sexual relationship?" he asks after finding out about the conditions, even with Delaney's mother present. LOL, cracked me right up.

So with the grounds laid out, Delaney decides to stick it out and stay in town. But it isn't easy. She starts to receive messages telling her to leave town, she finds herself coming up against an old rival who stole her boyfriend in highschool, her mother continues to drive her insane and on top of it all, Delaney can't seem to keep her mind or hands off Nick Allegrezza. And Nick seems to be all for the idea, even though it put his inheritence at risk each time. Ultimately, it was only a matter of time before one of them lost and broke the conditions laid out in the will.

When I first picked this book up, I read the first chapter and then immediately put it down. I couldn't seem to get over the fact that Henry Shaw, who is Nick's biological father, adopted Delaney when she was a little girl making them step brother/step sister. I know, it shouldn't have been THAT big of a deal since they're not related by blood nor did they grow up in the same household, but still. I had to put the book down for an afternoon to forget the fact. But once I got over it, or pretended to get over it..I really enjoyed the book.

As expected, I loved Nick Allegrezza. I don't know if it's because he's the bad boy of the town who is sexy and tempting as sin or because his name just happens to be Nick. He's the type of guy mama's warn their daughters about and he's one of those alpha males who pretend that they're invincible and incapable of being hurt by others - but we all know different. Under all that arrogance and I don't give a shit attitude, he cares. Especially for Delaney. And it was so cute to read Nick doing random things for her showing that he cared, but denying it when she called him out on it. So cute. Even seeing Nick interact with his niece was verra cute.

The only things that didn't sit well with me on this one besides the step brother/step sister thing, was the fact that Nick had long hair and the on again off again attitude Delaney and Nick had towards each other. Yeah, it was fun to watch them try to fight the attraction at first, but after a while I got tired of it. I wanted them to realise and acknowledge their feelings before the final chapters of the book. I also thought the ending (when one of them finally had their epiphany and realised they couldn't live without the other) felt kinda rushed.

Bottom line: It was an enjoyable read, mostly because of Nick Allegrezza. Damn, he was hot. Minus the long hair, of course. ;o) So if you're looking for a light read and don't mind small town stories with everyone knowing everyone's business, try this one out.

3.75 / 5

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