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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Confessions of An Ex Girlfriend by Lynda Curnyn

Hero: ???
Heroine: Emma
Category: Chick Lit
Grade: C-
Buy It: here, here or at an independant bookstore near you, to search your independant bookstores, click here.

Ex-Girlfriend Emma Carter has a lot on her mind. Her boyfriend got a life — in L.A. Her hairdresser found God. And that extra ten pounds of "relationship flab" she acquired while falling in love with a commitmentphobe has just put her out of the running for new romance — or so she thinks. But before Emma can get on with her life, she's got to face a few startling truths about being single in New York City . . .

Confession #5: Marriage suddenly seems like a social disease.
Even the latest bride in my family — my mother — has put me to work in the service of her wedding day. What about us non-bride-to-be's? I wonder now. Working in the warped little world of wedding planning has only led me to one conclusion: If you don't get married in this world, you get nothing. Once, in an editorial meeting, I jokingly suggested that a woman should get a bridal shower when she turns thirty, wedding or not. Everyone looked at me as if I were some kind of nut. I am 31 years old; am I not entitled to free Calphalon yet?

Whoever thought that baring your soul could be this good?

This book started off slow and then the more confessing Emma did, the more annoyed I got. This book didn't really pick up, I think the only reason I kept reading it was to find out what happened between Emma and Derrick. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens.

I can't say that I had that heady glow around me after I finished this book, there was a lot of whining, a lot of depressed feelings and it was just meh to me. Even Emma's friends, Jane (she got on my nerves a lot in this book) and Alyssa was meh to me too.

This book didn't really do much for me, it was not bad but it wasn't all that either. Do I recommend this book? Not really...find something else to read because this I didn't really like and couldn't really get into.

I guess I didn't like this, because Emma's character was just a little sad and pathetic for my tastes. When I found out my ex boyfriend cheated on me, I didn't go into a depression the way Emma did, I man bashed, I hated my ex boyfriend, but I didn't swear off of men, I didn't do a lot of the things that Emma did and yeah we all grieve in different ways, but Emma's way of whining and confessing, was all just too stupid for me and I just didn't really care much for her methods of dealing with the break up...I don't like reading about weak heroines and throughout most of the book, Emma was weak, so yeah I just couldn't get into this book.

This is a pass for me.

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