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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Crazy Love by Tara Janzen

Government operative Dylan Hart has survived some of the riskiest missions known to man. But no nemesis could have prepared the Special Defense Forces commander for the newest member of his team. A street-smart heartbreaker in Day-Glo pink and black leather, Skeeter Bang has been recruited to aid and abet Dylan's latest mission: steal a top-secret file and bury it before all hell breaks loose.

Teaming up with a man who may be the last bona fide defender of the free world is a risk Skeeter's ready to take. Until a black-tie Washington soiree erupts in a bullet-flying free-for-all. Now Skeeter's got danger on her trail and Dylan arousing every bad-boy fantasy she ever had. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is about to plunge one man and woman right into the sizzling line of fire....

I have been anxiously waiting for this book since I finished Crazy Kisses months ago. I was so excited that it was finally out that I just barely restrained myself from rushing right out to the bookstore to get it.

I read this review by Kristie J and got even more excited. Then this one from Devon and man, I couldn't wait! But then I read this one by Jane and started rethinking my stance here. I mean, I wasn't in the mood for some crappy 5th story, you know?

I'm happy to report, however, that I didn't think it was as bad as Jane did. I wasn't super impressed with it, but I wasn't gagging while reading it either..or not much, anyway.

I was really looking forward to reading this book because of Skeeter, the heroine. I'm sorry, but IMO, you just can't go wrong with a bitchy, psychic, hot-as-hell auto-machanic with a name like Baby Bang. Unfortunately, I don't feel that TJ did a very good job of staying in tune with her character. I guess I was just expecting some UBER kick-ass heroine and she fell a bit short.

Dylan totally disappointed me. I expected him to be way more Alpha and way less whiny and indecisive. Yes, I realize that Skeeter was a lot younger than he was (though we were never told just EXACTLY how much younger), but he made way more out of it than he should have. And his disappearing act at the end? Un-Freaking-believable. Sorry, but that was some sorry ass shit and he deserved to be beat over the head with a rather large skillet.

The lack of sex scenes didn't really bother me until I realize the book was over and that was it. I give TJ credit for keeping the story flowing, but the


The whole twist with Travis kind of worked for me, until the epilogue (or was it the teaser 1st chapter for the next book?) totally ruined it for me. Sorry, but I'm not feeling the whole "she lost her memory" gig. Not my cup-o-tea, you dig?

I've enjoyed the series up to this point, but I honestly think she's going down hill. IMO, not many authors can take a series past the 5th book without dragging it down, and that seems to be exactly what happened here. Methinks I won't be reading any of the other books in this series. Well, unless Devon twists my arm. ha ha

I'm giving this one...

2.75 out of 5

Crazy Hot
Crazy Cool
Crazy Wild
Crazy Kisses
Crazy Love

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