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Monday, July 24, 2006

Come Up And See Me Sometime by Lucy Monroe

In a high-stakes game of love, attraction, and desire, two people playing for all the wrong reasons are about to discover how delicious it can be when plans go deliciously awry and love is all that matters.

Like father, like daughter.
That's what businessman Alex Trahern thinks about Isabel Harrison. If the prestigious headhunter thinks she can steal his top employee, just like her father stole his dad's ideas, she's dead wrong. Alex is always a man with a plan, and his plan is to get revenge on John Harrison through his daughter. But there's no contingency plan for the impact Isabel's sparkling green eyes and honey brown hair have on the decidedly non-business side of his brain…

If at first you don't succeed, change the game.
After some relationship flameouts, Isabel's decided to leave love out of it and approach her search for a husband like finding a suitable job candidate. And according to her list of requirements, Alex Trahern certainly has potential. He's sexy. (Check.) Forceful and fascinating. (Check, check.) Also arrogant, obnoxious, and way too hot for her own good. (Erase. Start over.) Now, if only she could find out what he's really after… -- Lucy Monroe's website.

I have Holly to thank for yet another fab find. She devoured this one and then raved all about it to us, so of course I immediately added it to my ever growing TBR list. And having read and devoured it also, I'm only sorry I didn't order it sooner.

Alex Trahern, who is one sinfully sexy businessman, is hell bent on seeking revenge for his father's death. Firm in the belief that his father died over John Harrison's betrayal, Alex wants nothing more than to hurt Harrison any way possible as a means to an end. And so, he targets the one thing Harrison prizes most - his company. But as Alex continues to work behind the scenes aiding another company in their hostile take over attempt against Harrison, Alex crosses paths with none other than Harrison's daughter, Isabel.

At first, he believes her to be every bit like her father - where he was a man who stole men's ideas and she was a woman who stole key employees. But from the moment he sees her face to face, he realises that father and daughter are nothing alike. That she was indeed every bit as good and innocent as Harrison was not. Alex also sees that not only is Isabel dedicated to her job, but she's dedicated to the people, wanting to provide them with the best work environment possible - not to steal employees away. And slowly, he becomes torn over his long overdue revenge, winning over the daughter of the enemy who'd stolen his heart and doing whats right. You can probably guess which path he takes, but lets just say he nearly screws up because he's blinded by everything in the past.

I can't say enough good things about this book. The fact that I was on holidays and still managed to gobble this one up in a few sittings just goes to show I couldn't stay away from it. I loved both Alex and Isabel. They both had their issues and insecurities, but I think they were well developed.

I have a weakness for arrogant heroes, so Alex Trahern did great in my book. He was arrogant as hell, with his comments and cocky attitude, but that didn't bother me at all. I also really liked the fact that once he realised that he wanted Isabel, he wasn't going to try to deny himself. He was strong in his pursuit, even though he knew that chasing after Harrison's daughter complicated matters greatly. It was so funny to see him work his way into Isabel's life, when she clearly didn't want him to be there, or rather didn't want to want him there, insisting on his dates and what not. The way he came to care for Isabel in such a short time was very heart warming. I loved how he became protective of her physically and emotionally - even to the extent of wanting to protect her from her own father's cold behaviour towards her. It was very nice indeed, to see someone seeing to Isabel's needs after she'd blocked everyone out. Alex also earned major points with me, when he constantly complimented Isabel's sexy shoes - what can I say? He pleased the shoeaholic in me. *grin*

I thought that Isabel might be a character to annoy the heck out of me, or perhaps have some of those heroine issues - but she didn't and I really liked her. She had insecurities, but I thought they were justified. After feeling like she came in a far second to her fathers company, Isabel learnt to put up walls to protect her heart. She shut people out, she referred to prior nannies by numbers instead of familiar names and she even wrote up a characteristics list for her potential husband, in part to make sure she found the 'right' candidate and probably in part to make it seem more like a potential 'client' than a partner. Her insecurities felt real to me, and her way of dealing, not so far fetched. I really don't blame her for wanting to protect herself.

Lucy Monroe did a great job with this one. There is one point in the book where Isabel is emotionally betrayed by Alex, and I felt it. And it hurt, like it were me he had betrayed. Then when Alex makes up for it later? I felt that too. It was the though the constriction on my heart eased and everything was going to be alright. Lucy Monroe is just that good in expressing emotions. And don't even get me started on the part where Alex declares, "You belong to me." Damn.

Bottom line: This is my first Lucy Monroe book. But if the rest of her books continue to be of this standard, I won't even flinch at paying 20 bucks a book. I say, bring it on. *grin*


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