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Friday, July 21, 2006

Apocalipstick by Sue Margolis

Hero: Max Stoddard
Heroine: Rebecca Fine
Grade: C

From the author who brought you Spin Cycle and Neurotica comes a hilarious new novel about falling in love, hating your job, and getting what you want out of life---without ever mussing your lipstick!

When it comes to men, beauty columnist Rebecca Fine always seems to be on the scruffy end of the mascara wand. But all that changes the morning she meets Max Stoddart, her new colleague at the Daily Vanguard. With his upscale suit, Hugh Grant hair, and obscenely sexy good looks, he’s a single woman’s dream come true. Finally, her grandmother can stop surfing the Net for eligible Jewish males. But is Max the catch of the decade---or just a major babe magnet?

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s old high school nemesis has resurfaced, a former blond bombshell called Lipstick who is now engaged to Rebecca’s widowed dad. And it’s good-bye to articles on toe cleavage when a hot tip sweeps Rebecca to the center of the Paris cosmetics world, where a miracle anti-wrinkle cream is about to be launched. That is, until she blows the whistle on a scandal that could set the beauty business---and the future of world peace---reeling. Will Rebecca win the recognition---not to mention the Pulitzer---she yearns for...and get the man of her dreams? Stay tuned.

I've been uber busy this week at home so it was hard for me to make time to read when I was so tired when reading time came around, but I finished this book last night and I enjoyed it, very much. But there were too many things that bothered me about the heroine in this story, she's not exactly TSTL but she was SS, stupid sometimes. LOL.

You see, the story is about Rebecca Fine, Becks for short. She's the beauty columnist and she hates it, she's trying to find her one story that will shoot her career to the top but because she needs to pay bills, she takes a job as a beauty columnist to make ends meet.

This is where she meets Max Stoddard, he's the new guy and he's dreamy and he took her desk and she doesn't care because he asked her out and so many things come up that when they finally get together, everything else falls to the background and they have a magical night which ends up with Becks in the hospital and her telling Max, while drugged up of course that he's sexy as all get out. It's funny, the things Becks gets herself into is the same crazy things Bridget Jones gets herself into, stupid things that can't be helped because she just lands into stupid situations, so because of those stupid situations, the book can be funny but it can be annoying because just once in the book, you kinda want things to just go normally for Becks, but of course they don't.

The thing I liked about this book is Becks friendships and the closeness of her family. I'm really drawn toward family oriented books and books about friendships because I'm all about the happy stuff, Becks relationship with her Dad was great and her relationship with her Grandma is even greater, the stuff her Grandma does to get Becks married off seriously cracks me up. Beck's Dads relationship with his new fiance is even better.

You expect things to happen a certain way and it totally doesn't but the way SM writes out this story, it totally works.

Between all of the bad shit that happens to Becks and the retarded things happening to her best friend Jess with her husband, Ed...you can't help but laugh at this book, it's funny, it can be downright annoying when Becks is forever doubting Max but at the end it all works out, the whole story comes together and SM ties all the loose ends into a pretty little bow and presents the world with this book.

It's cute, it's not the best book I've read this year, not the best book I read last year either, but I'm not mad that I read it, I don't feel like I've wasted my time reading it, I'm glad I read it but I probably won't read this story again for quite a long time, I liked the book, I liked the characters, I even liked Lipstick.

What I didn't like about the book was really, all the shit that Becks went through, I get it, stupid things happened to her, but she kinda brought a lot of the shit on herself, she lies, she assumes and she just pay attention to shit and it all comes falling down on top of her dumbass head, all the fights she got into with Max, could have been avoided if she just asked him what the hell was going on, instead of charging full steam ahead and dropping him without anything and then I hate, hate HATE when heroines try to get back at the hero by making them jealous, it's stupid and petty and it gets on my nerves so I was pissed that it happened in this book.

Would I recommend this book? Yeah, if you've got it and you've got nothing else to read, then yeah read it, but it's not a OMGOSH YOU GOTTA READ THIS BOOK! I did like this book better than I liked SM's Spin Cycle. But that's about all the good stuff I can write about this book. Read it or not, it's not a big deal.

But I liked Max.

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