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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? by Melissa Senate

In exchange for a free $100,000 dream wedding, she'll be featured in a trendy magazine as "Today's Modern Bride." So what if the advertisers dictate what she wears, eats, and registers for? From the gown (it has yellow feathers) to the reception hall (vampire chic) to the rings (what metal is that?) to the prime rib (tofu!), Eloise knows that what really matters is the groom (cold feet?). All she has to do is keep a wedding-planning diary (heavily edited) and have her friends and family ooh and ahh over her leather veil in photo shoots.

Friends, Eloise has: bridesmaids Jane, Natasha, Amanda and oddball co-worker Philippa, the magazine's "traditional (ha!) Bride." Family, she doesn't have. Eloise's mother passed away, her father took off years ago, her too-cool-for-words brother is either climbing Mount Everest or scamming a rich older woman in Beverly Hills and her fiancé's family is certifiable. So between choosing rubber bridesmaid dresses and worrying about the photo shoots, Eloise finally asks the question: Hey--whose wedding is it anyway?

Hero: Noah Benjamin
Heroine:: Eloise Manfred
Grade: C

This book is the follow up to another book that I read earlier this year by Melissa Senate called, See Jane Date. This book is about Jane Gregg's best friend, Eloise Manfred.

Eloise is getting married to the man of her (and mine) dreams, Noah Benjamin. Noah is an investigative journalist who is always on the go, traveling from one place to another, covering all of the latest hot stories. And though, he's almost never around, there is no doubt that he is in utter love with Eloise.

He is a regular guy but a really good guy who loves his fiance.

And his fiance has got some serious issues and he knows about them all and loves her anyway...what more could you want in a guy, huh?

Not much.

But Eloise has got a lot of emotional baggage that she's got to deal with before she can finally settle down and be a wife to Noah, she's got to deal with the fact that her brother is a leave at the drop of a hate type of guy, the kind of guy that they (Eloise and her brother) can't stand, as it's the kind of guy that their father is and she's also got to come to grips with her father who left their family the day before her fifth birthday.

So with all the finding herself that Eloise did in this book, it was at times trying to get through because you wanted to scream at her to just hurry up and get over it and move on, but at other times you felt sorry for her and wanted to give her a hug and tell her that everything will be alright.

As soon as she comes to grips with all of her issues with her family, with her boss and with the wedding that is being planned for her that she doesnt really want, everything falls into place and the story ends happily, which I liked.

The characters in this story spilled over from See Jane Date and so it was good to see the gang back together again, Jane, Natasha, Amanda and it was nice to meet all of the new characters as well, Eloise's Grandma is a character that I really liked in this book, Eloise's brother, Emmett was one heck of a character as well, there were times, a LOT of times that I wanted to poke his eyes out and tell him to get over himself and grow the heck up but I got over it all at the end. Charla was a good character and a great friend to Eloise, Noah was also great, he had that hero thing down pat, just uber cute and super sweet and everything nice.

The book was cute and cuddly and all things nice when it wasn't driving me bloody mad with all of the stupid crap that Eloise thought and did, I wanted to slap her silly when she didn't stand up for herself and what she wanted with her stupid boss but again, I got over all of it at the end, so all in all this was a good book.

A treat.

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