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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

Regan McKinney, a studious paleontologist, isn't exactly accustomed to a life of high crime. But when a mysterious note from her missing grandfather leads her to a secret surveillance site maintained by a notorious special-ops task force, and headed by a smoldering ex-fighter pilot, even Regan can't resist the chase

Quinn Younger, former juvenile car thief, decorated war hero and current black-ops specialist hasn't seen beautiful Regan McKinney since he was sixteen. But time hasn't dulled the attraction between them. So when she shows up in the middle of nowhere looking for him, he figures it spells nothing but trouble. He just didn't know how right he was.

Regan McKinney hasn't forgotten the sexy ex-pilot, either. Matter of fact, she's spent the last five years staring at his photo and having daydreams about him. But when her grandfather mysteriously disappears and all signs point to Quinn knowing where he is, she goes on a mission to hunt him down. As the action heats up, so does the attraction between them. Can they keep their clothes on and their heads together long enough to find her missing grandfather and finish Quinn's mission? Or will they throw caution to the wind and end up between the sheets?

Regan is a straightlaced paleontologist who spends her time playing with fossils and worrying about everything under the sun. When her grandfather disappears, she knows she has to find him....no matter the cost. Even if it means tracking down Quinn Younger and facing him again after all these years. You see, she's been fantasizing about him since he walked in on her while wearing nothing but panties when she was 16.

Quinn is holed up in a deserted town in Colorado recovering from some major injuries and chomping at the bit to face his old nemesis again...a scary dude who's totally insane and hell bent on selling the US Military's newest weapon to terrorists. The last person he expects to see snooping around the place, though, is Regan McKinney.

They're both skeptical of each other at first, but they soon realize they need each other to solve the mystery of the missing guns and the missing grandfather.

This is the first book in Tara Janzen's Crazy Series. The novel is action-packed, steamy as all hell and loaded with witty banter, fast cars and a lot of guns. This girl's wet dream come true.

Watching Regan and Quinn battle their attraction...and then give into it on the hood of his '69 Camero, was awesome. I loved the sexual tension between them and the way they just gave up and gave into it. I loved the witty banter between them and all the action surrounding them.

Hearing about all of Quinn's "partners" in crime - or in the defense of the good ol' US of A as the case may be - was great, too. I can't wait to read each story in the series. A bunch of badass military types hell bent on saving the world and kicking as many asses as possible is nothing short of...Amazingly HOT! The sub-romance between Regan's younger sister Nikki and one of Quinn's guys, Peter "Kid Chaos" was awesome, too. I'm only disappointed that we have to wait to see them get their HEA for another three books. *sigh*

Anyway, back to Regan and Quinn. They had some reservations about each other, but they stuck together to find her grandfather and keep Quinn safe and Regan didn't make asinine decisions so many modern day romance heroines do.

Right up until the very end, that is.

I loved this book. I loved that though Regan was generally conservative she threw caution to the wind to help her family and be with Quinn. And I loved how badass Quinn was.

Until the second to last chapter. That's when smart, play it safe Regan makes one of those STUPID ASS HEROINE DECISIONS that never fail to piss me off. Yeah, the one where she rushes head first into danger to save her Former Fighter Pilot, Highly Trained Government Operative's ass. She, who can't use a gun, has never been in a fist-fight and can't even drive a clutch. Not to mention that she jacks up his precious baby, Janette, the HOT '69 Camero in the process. WHAT.THE.FREAK!

And then, to add insult to injury, the freakin retard decides she can't really be with Quinn, because his job is "too dangerous." Ok, so you manage to not worry about that ONE SINGLE TIME for 300+ pages and then all of the sudden, 10 pages before the book ends, you decide it's just "too scary" to be with a government agent? OH.HELL.NO!

Talk about ruining a great book. I was soooooo angry I wanted to chuck my book at the wall. Though it comes right in the end, the fact that she'd turn from a strong-willed, extremely smart woman, into a brain-dead dumbass in the last couple chapters completely ruined it for me. COMPLETELY!

I called My Favorite Book pimp, the one that sent me these books, and yelled at her for making me read such a dumb story. She laughed and promised that the series gets better. On her advice, I've reluctantly started the second novel. I'll let you know how it goes.

As for this one:

Beginning of story: 4.5
End of story: -1.5 (yeah, that's a damn negative!)

Stupid heroine. UGH!

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