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Monday, May 8, 2006

Erotic Reading

Now I'm not going to lie about it or be ashamed, I have no problem with reading a little erotica, or romantica, depending on the mood. So here's my question, as romance readers what is to much? Is there a line were it is just over board? Like does there always have to have a happily ever after? Or does it always have to be just one man and one woman throughout the entire book? And how kinky is to kinky?
I mean sometimes I am just in the mood for a hot sex story. And there is a big difference between a sexy story and a sex story. Yeah, it is a extra bonus to have a romantic happy story tied in, but sometimes it's just about the sex. No shame in that right? Or is there? Does that make me the same as a man that watches porn? Cause they say that for woman it is mental and for men it is visual. So basically it's the same right? Or not?

I just posted a review on Undressed an anthology. Each story had a lot of hot sex in it. But I would say the last, The Sweetest Taboo, was the most erotic. And you know what, I loved it. There was a part where they were in the shower, and you'll have to read the story to get the full impact on this shower and what it represented to the hero, but it was soooo hot. I mean not the basic doing it against the bathroom wall, but down and dirty...watch me and I'll watch you and when we've gotten ourselves hot enough we'll screw each others brains out.

I mean we're women and if we're honest with ourselves our real sex lives aren't always all we want them to be. So what's wrong with reading a little erotica every once in awhile?

And sometimes it can be used as a helping hand to get our sex lives back to hot and heavy. Ever try a bit of erotic reading with your man in bed? Then let me suggest a book....Try Naughty Bedtime stories. As seen in the picture above....and see what happens.




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