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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Hero of the Week: Vane Kattalakis

This week's Hero of the Week is totally dedicated to Holly.

You see, between us folks here at Sanctuary's Finest when we read a book that has a really hot hero, we'll claim the hero as our very own between the whole lot of us, and Holly has called dibs on Vane Kattalakis from the very beginning (before I even read the books), which in turn turned me off of Vane the very first time I read his book, Night Play.

But after a second reading of Night Play a few weeks ago, I've got to say that not only did Vane raise a whole lot of notches in my esteem, he became so much more sexier that I thought I would have to turn myself over to the loony people because clearly, something was wrong with me because I didn't think Vane was all that.

Boy was I wrong.

Why you ask? Well, here's how SK herself has described this hunk of male hunkiness.

The eldest of six, Vane has spent his entire life watching over his younger siblings-- especially his sister Anya and his brother Fang. He would kill or die to protect his family from the Arcadians who stalk them.

The Arcadians proclaimed him a Slayer on his twenty-fifth birthday and they have pursued him ever since. The bounty on his head is staggering.

A vicious Slayer, he is extremely territorial and is merciless to any who dare tread on his turf-- be they Katagaria or Arcadian. His powers are legendary and few Sentinels dare challenge him. Those who have, paid with their lives.

Only Anya has ever seen his tender side. To the rest of the world, he is hard-edged and single-minded. He does whatever he must to secure his patria. To challenge him is to challenge death itself.

A hardened man wolf who is wild in battle and does whatever it takes to protect what's his. Crappy things happened to Vane but he didn't cower from the world, he didn't sit back and let things happen to him, oh no, Vane fought back with everything he was and he was fiercely loyal to those around him, you can't ask for a better person to have your back then Vane Kattalakis and his pack of wolves. Be very very afraid if you find out that Vane is after your ass because he WILL get your ass and it won't be nice.

But aside from his prowess on the fighting field, oh gosh the things he did for Bride McTierney was just so out of this world sweet that it was at odds with the Vane we know from the Katagaria world. I remember when he first meets Bride, she's an overweight person and she's getting dicked by her current boyfriend and boy does Vane come in and play the knight in shining armor for her, that first scene when Vane finally meets up with Bride after having seeing her at Serena's cart, the way he goes out of his way to be sweet to her is a real treat for the readers because he wasn't worried about looks, her insecurities, all he was thinking about was pleasing her and he pleased her and so much more.

I loved Vanes fierce protectiveness of his pack and then of Bride. I loved how he was an all balls to the wall type of guy who loved with everything that he was. He never backed down from anyone and he played by his own rules, to hell with everyone else. He sang to his own tune and he wasn't too over the top with his Alpha male attitude, he was just...perfect.

And then reading his love scenes with Bride, the things that man can do in the sack, made me want to sleep with a Katagaria male and those of you guys who have read it, knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about, well I know that Izzy and Holly know what I'm talking about....talk about, ORGASMIC!

Ya'll should totally read his book because it's all kinds of the bomb and Vane is more than worthy enough to be this week's Hero of the Week.

A picture of Vane from SK's site...yummy.

Until next week....




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