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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hero of the Week: Sebastian of Rydon

It's been a hot minute since we've had a HotW, so I thought I'd start one up today and highlight my favorite hero that I've read lately.

Sebastian of Rydon.

Not too long ago, we all reviewed Rene Lyon's, Midnight Sun and we all made fools of ourselves over Sebastian of Rydon. We only do that for heroes we really love and since most of our heroes share some of the same qualities, like quiet, lethal and demanding, you know all the good stuff, for Sebastian's HotW post, I'm going to concentrate on what makes me melt when I read his story.

There were plenty times in MS where I was positively drooling over how scrumptious Seb was, I was even contemplating stealing him from right under Grace's nose (Rene has let Grace claim Seb, the lucky wench) and seriously, can you blame me? I mean, look at this hunk of hot man.

Isn't he positively delicious?

I think so too.

But there's so much more to love to Sebastian than just his studliness. Remember when he tried to stay away from Allie but couldn't, remember how miserable he was without Allie? Remember how Allie felt after their first kiss?

A wonderful shiver passed through her, as she wished she were still lost in his kiss. His raw masculinity woke everything feminine in her. He was all grace and beauty, with a deadly ferocity simmering under the cool fa├žade he presented to the world.

Damn...talk about sexy vampire.

And what about this one:

Ripped with thick cords of muscle, he oozed strength and sex appeal. Everything about him appealed to her, from his shorn head to the dragon tattoo on his upper arm. He was sexy as hell and it drove her insane how he pointedly ignored her when all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off.

Holy crap in the pants! Can I have one, seriously, Rene can I have one?


Sebastian's honor and the way he was around Allie, how much he cared, knowing he was damned and caring anyway, knowing that there was no way their relationship could work, but going for it anyway, because he loved her..now that is what I call, love.

Sebastian had it in spades for Allie Parker and I for one, am green with envy that his love is for her and not me...so there you have it, ladies..your Hero of the Week, I promise or try to anyway to have one up a week, like we used to...hehe.

Enjoy and a huge THANKS to Rene Lyons for introducing us to her sexy Vampire Templar, Sebastian and her dark world...we love it and we love you!




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