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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Words and Phrases

As I was blog hopping today I stumbled upon a blog where a man was trying his hand at erotic fiction. And while his story was very erotic, if not my taste at all (brother/sister), there was one word he kept using over and over that had me cringing. I've heard it a few other times, only in my erotic reading though. What is the word? Well here I go.....SPUNK. For any of you who have never heard of this it is another term for Cum. But when I hear Spunk I think Funk, and when I think Funk I thing of something moldy and old and nasty. GROSS! That word just yanks me right out of the moment and the book is lost to me. So after reading this, and sorry I don't even recall what blog it was, it got me thinking. Hmmmmm, I shall blog on the different words and phrases that turn me off. So here it is.....first we'll start with the sexual terms that make me shutter...

Pubic Area
Cock (if over used)
Pussy (if over used)
Love hole (or any variation, such as...F*ck hole, sex hole)
Love tunnel

Okay now just things in general that are really okay but when I hear it over and over and over I just wanna say "Get a new phrase!"

"He grunted"
"He cursed and dragged her towards him"
"Crushing his mouth to hers"
growling (are these men or animals?)

I read these two books recently (the Sexy Books) and although I really enjoyed them, the author did one thing to bother me. She had her hero's in both books say the same phrase to the heroine. Not to mention that this phrase is very much a common one but to use it two books in a row? They were in a series! So the phrase? "You Undo Me..." Very romantic...yes. But you get my point right?

So is it just me or do you have your words and phrases too? If so let me know. I am all kinds of interested.




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