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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Haley's Cabin by Anne Rainey

Hero: Jeremy Pickett
Heroine: Haley Thorne
Pages: 102
Catagory: Erotica, Contemp
Grade: B
Buy: Here

Every good girl longs for a chance to be a little naughty.

Raw from an ugly divorce and wrung out from her demanding job, Haley Thorne needs a break. When Haley’s doctor urges her to take a vacation, she heads to her secret cabin in the woods.

The very first night, Haley dreams of an erotic threesome that leaves her panting and aroused. When sexy police detective Jeremy Pickett shows up at her door, she’s shocked: He looks like the man in her midnight fantasy! Levelheaded Haley unleashes her inner seductress and has a little fun—handcuffs and all!

First of all I need to get a damn e-book reader, the kind you can take with you places! I've had this book for over a week now and just got to finish it cause I had to be home to read it. Uggg!

Anyway, I finished it and really really loved it. Anne did a great job of bringing her characters alive. One of the things I loved most about this story is that although we knew Haley was in an abusive marriage and Jeremy was a Detective that part of the characters wasn't the core of the story. It was a part of Jeremy and Haley but not THEM.

I also am a hard sell for falling in love at first sight, just like Dylan. But I think with the way we were lead into the meeting of Haley and Jeremy made it more believable to me. Hell if I'd had a dream like Haley did and then saw the real thing in front of me I'd fall head over heals real quick.

And with Jeremy I believed it because he knew it was not the norm. He didn't think 'Oh I'm in love, this is so the way it always happens', um no, lol. He knew and that is why he held back some. At one point he even said that she stole his heart in under 24 hours that's got to be a record or something. But at least he didn't deny it, which totally annoys the crap out of me with heroes.

And lets touch on the beginning of the story real quick. You want to see how to grab readers from the very first few pages? READ THIS BOOK! OMG when I did Anne's interview and asked her about her f/f/m sex scene she said she wanted a straight woman to read this and still think it was something sexy and say WOW! And hot damn did I! No freaking lie, it was hot. I wish it were longer. lol.

Something I loved in this book...NO BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS! Hallelujah, haha. Of course with Haley having been in an abusive marriage and then not dating anyone between him and Jeremy she did misunderstand a little bit when Jeremy would say something or do something but it was never blown up to a big thing. He would read her and correct her right away. The way it would happen in REAL LIFE. lol.

The sex? HOT! I love that they used a video camera and handcuffs! Makes me want to go get some, oh wait I already have the cuffs, naughty me. haha. But really the steam between Haley and Jeremy was enough to have me begging for more. I said it before and I'll say it again Anne Rainey has a definite talent for bringing on the heat, and we weren't let down.

Just like everyone else I am going to say it.....I WANT MORE BRAD AND LISA!!!! Which brings me to one of my favorite parts, the ending. Now I am a big one on good endings. You write a great book but suck and bringing it together and I am going to get all bitchy on your ass.

But Anne did a great job here. She gave us a glimpse of Brads feelings for Lisa then BAM turned it over to a little fun and flirty teasing with Haley and Jeremy to tie up the end.

Just the way it should be, cause while I was reading the part of Jeremy and Brad talking over at Lisa's house and really getting into it I was thinking 'this is great cause now I am all about a Brad and Lisa story but damn I hate when a book doesn't end with something about the hero and heroine' then it did. And I absolutely love the last sentence, but I'll leave that for you to read.

I know your thinking isn't there anything bad. And honestly I'll tell you, while I was reading there were somethings that I did want to address when I did my review. But now that I'm thinking back I really can't place what it was that I wanted to say. Guess that just means that the good outweighted the bad by a lot. lol.

I definitely wish it was longer. But I've never been one for books that are only around 100 or so pages. But for the length of the book I definitely got all I wanted out of it. Great job Anne, and I can't wait for more!

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Blogger Chantal said...

I loved the very last lines too. I remember getting a big smile on my face when I read them.

March 7, 2007 at 3:56 PM  
Blogger Jazz said...

I know it was just so perfect. Intimate, fun, teasing, and lovey (yeah I said lovey). lol. Like you said it just made you smile.

March 8, 2007 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Anne Rainey said...

Thanks so much, Jazz!!

One of the things I loved about Jeremy is his flirty, teasing nature. Such a naughty mind and so like a real man too! I had fun writing HC, partly because I was able to sort of let go of my own inhibitions.

The only problem is, it makes a writer even more nervous for their second release, when the first one does so well, ya know? I've even read where some authors get so stressed about their second story, that they can't bring themselves to submit, therefore they end up the 'one hit wonder'...amazing how stressful this business is. You put your heart on the line and hope it doesn't get smooshed. LOL! In the end the brutal truth is that, if you aren't strong enough to take it like a man (so to speak) then you shouldn't be in this bizz... ;-)

March 9, 2007 at 12:48 PM  
Anonymous Angiez said...

Wow, I have to get this one. You had me at f/f/m.

March 13, 2007 at 7:06 PM  

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