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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts

Hero: Larkin Riddock
Heroine: Blair Murphy
Category: Contemporary, Paranormal
Page Count: 316 pages
Grade: A

From the Publisher:
Second in the new paranormal Circle Trilogy.

With one vampire determined to rule the earth, the Circle of Six prepares to battle for their lives-and their hearts.

Whoa dang.

I really liked this book, a lot better than I liked Morrigan's Cross and I liked Morrigan's Cross a lot. There was more of a romance in this book but it didn't take away from the overall story being told and I thought that was just awesome. The story continues with Larkin and Blair, their journey to be together and their journey to his world, to his time and this story was just frickin' awesome.

This is the story of Blair Murphy, the warrior from our days who is like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she IS a vampire slayer. She's mean and she's tough and she's used to working alone but since coming to meet the Circle of Six, she has adapted to working with others and getting others opinions before acting. She's part of a team now and it took some getting used to but she has grown to love her teammates with every breath she takes. She trusts them all completely and she has friends and for once in her life, she's got a family. People who know her and still love her. People who take her as she is...who embrace what she is and care about her. Then there's Larkin.

Charming and handsome, Larkin. On the outside, he's a fiercely handsome man who is quick to make others laugh and who can charm the socks right off of any woman, so long as she's willing to make him a meal because boy can this man eat. Inside, he's a determined fighter, he cares about others and their needs and wants. He's everything a woman could ever want in a guy, loving, caring and open about it all but no wuss...and he can change into whatever living thing he wants...he wants to soar through the sky with the dragons? POOF, he's a Dragon and you can ride that bad boy whenever you want. You need a spy to get the inside scoop on the enemy? Well, just ask Larkin, he'll turn into a sewer rat and run his little heart around and find out just what you need to find out.

I mean, seriously...what more could you ask for?

They're on the brink of war and everything is up in the air as far as if they're ready or not, but Blair's faith in the Circle and Larkin's faith in his hometown soldiers make a believer out of me in that they'll defeat Lillith and her evil minions and that the good will prevail over evil. It was good to see Blair and Larkin's journey together through her time and then on to his. The way their love came together, with Blair's doubt and Larkin's steadfast faith in love and in them, it was just so great to read and be apart of.

Larkin is one of those heroes that you'll fall head over heels in love with and want for your very own and Blair is one of those strong heroines who you'll admire. There are times when she does or say something that might make you roll your eyes at but she's not TSTL, she's a tough one and a smart one too and their story was wonderful. Dragon Boy and Buffy were the perfect couple and I can't wait to read the ending to this enchanting story, the grand finale is coming ya'll and I am just biting at the bit to finish this one out.

My favorite quote in the book, well one of them at least is this one by Larkin:

"Well that put a cork back in you right enough. Magnificent," he repeated. "In face and form, in your heart and your mind. Magnificent because of what you do every day, and have done for years, since you were all but a babe. I've never known another like you, and never will. I'm telling you that if a man looks at you and doesn't see what a wonder you are, it's his vision that's at fault, and not a bit of you."

If you read that in the context that it was written, it'll make your heart sigh just like mine did. I fell all the more in love with Larkin because of that little bit. This book was great and Doubleday better have my book at home when I get there, because I NEED to read Cian's book...FINALLY, Cian and Moira's story, the story that I've been looking forward to all series long, some come on Doubleday Book Club, bring on the Cian...

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