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Monday, October 30, 2006

Take A Chance on Me by Susan Donovan

Hero: Thomas Tobin
Heroine: Emma Jenkins
Category: Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 337 pages
Grade: B+

My Favorite Quote: "Lord Almighty son. That little thing looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down."

From the Back Cover:

They've got nothing in common...

For animal behaviorist Emma Jenkins, romance has been at the bottom of her daily "to do" list since making it through a messy divorce. But everything changes the day six-feet-of-gorgeous Thomas Tobin walks into her office with a quivering Chinese Crested named Hairy, a canine that looks more like an underfed rodent than a dog. And that charming smile of his just sent Emma's dormant sex drive through the roof...

But animal attraction...

Thomas isn't look for a fling. In fact, he wants nothing to do with women. He just needs to know if Hairy witnessed his owner's murder. But something tells him that asking Emma to help him with the case will spell nothing but trouble--trouble in the form of serious temptation. Especially when this sexy lady makes him want to believe that anything is possible--even true love.

Fast paced, witty and uproariously funny.

That's this book wrapped up in five words. The pace of the book runs on the fast side, but that doesn't take away from the goodness of the story, the storyline is simple enough but not boring. The characters are wonderful and the story is told with such ease that it was simple enough to fall in love with this book....ya'll know that I'm a sucker for character's and this one is ripe with one winner of a character after another.

Starting with Thomas Tobin, ya'll also know that I was going to love the hero, right? haha...Thomas Tobin is a rugby playet...so he's already a winner for me, but he was so much more than "Rugby Boy" as Emma Jenkins liked to call him. He was insecure in himself after the last relationship he was in and he was left from that relationship not feeling whole and undeserving of a shot at true happiness....he learned better when he met, wholesome and prettyful, Emma Jenkins.

Emma Jenkins, was a divorcee who inherits her best friend's 12 year daughter after her best friend dies in a car accident, leaving little Elizabeth Weaverton orphaned, Emma struggles with learning to do right by Leelee and she struggles to try to keep her vetinerary practice afloat after the mountain of debt, her ex husband, Aaron leaves her with. She doesn't think that she has time to date or even wants to date, but one look at Thomas Tobin and she can't stop thinking about him...in between the sheets, and really, with a fine ass rugby player like that with washboard abs and thighs of thunder, can you really blame her?


Then there's little Leelee...who is left all alone in the world until she's turned over to her Mom, Becca Weaverton's best friend to raise. Her Mom wasn't the best of Mothers, with all the men she paraded around, young Leelee, she's scarred from her experiences with her Mom, all of the moving, all of the men coming before her and what not and so between Emma Jenkins her new "Mom" and Emma's laugh out loud father, Beckett Jenkins, her new "Grandfather", Leelee struggles to find a place for herself in a new town and with a new family.

The story between the three people is one that makes me all oozing with gooey tenderness. It was wonderful to read and like always, Holly struck gold for me with this book because I just loved it to pieces. My favorite character was surprisingly, Emma's laugh a minute, father, Beckett Jenkins. He had me rollin' throughout the whole book, from the beginning up until the very end. He was just one of the funniest people I've read about in a long time and I'm so glad that I read this book. I even loved, little disco dancing, fruit flying, Hairy. It was just too hot damn funny when he called, Thomas "Big Alpha" and when he "talked" to them, his thoughts on everything was a joy to read and I'm sure that you'll enjoy this book, immensely.

I'm sure that whoever reads this book will enjoy it like I did...I promise it even. This book was just the bomb diggity and I totally recommend it to all who want to read a light, funny and really really good book.


Oh gosh, a big I'M SORRY to my bestest blog bud, Ames for leaving her out of this book review, because it WAS Ames that told me to read this book, just last week when I was trying to decide whether or not to read this book or another book that I started, so I want to send a great big shout out to AMES and an even bigger THANK YOU for pimping this book to me last week and making sure that I read it...THANK YOU AMES! =)

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