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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An Invitation to Seduction by Lorraine Heath

Elegant Kitty Robertson is properly betrothed to a most eligible lord.
Then another man becomes intent on her seduction. How can she possibly resist?


Kitty and Richard spot each other swimming in the sea. They are attracted to each other. They share a kiss but Kitty says, "I'm to be married." and runs off. Richard soon finds out she's marrying his best friend Nicky.

Kitty is marrying Nicky for securtiy. She loves him, but like a brother. Nicky is marrying Kitty for money. But he's not a selfish bastard, gold digger. Nicky is a nice guy. He does care for Kitty a great deal, just he doesn't love her. He loves someone else.

Richard tells Kitty to wait until the season is over to announce the marriage. He's going to court her. Kitty says no, but deep down she wants him. After sharing a heated moment, she runs to Nicky demanding he announce the marriage. Richard tries to talk Nicky out of marrying her. Nicky says sorry, I need to marry and have an heir.

One night, Richard find Kitty walking around (she can't sleep) and they kiss. What they don't know is Nicky spotted him. The next day, Richard and Nicky go sailing. There is a storm and Nicky's body is lost at sea. In trying to comfort Kitty, they make love. She ends up preggers and they marry.

Richard is then brought up on charges for murdering Nicky. Did he or didn't he?

What I liked: I really enjoyed this book. My sister in law loaned it to me. This is her favorite. I liked that Kitty believed Richard did not murder Nicky. It did cross her mind for a second, but she knew he couldn't have. She stuck by him the whole ordeal.

Even though Nicky was marrying for money, he was a nice guy. He did eventually try and do the right thing after Richard told him not to marry Kitty.

Richard was a good hero. Yeah he started to pursue Kitty while she was engaged to another man but he told Nicky how he felt about her. I give him points for that. That and he stopped Kitty from walking in on Nicky while he was with his lover. He could've just let Kitty discover Nicky. But he wanted her fair and square.

What I didn't Like: Once Kitty and Richard were married, Kitty was all "I'll share wear mounring and will always love Nicky!" Which, I get she's upset but still. She was saying those things on purpose trying to deny her feelings for Richard. But she makes up for it when she stands by her man.

So yes this story is good. First book I've read from this author. My sister in law loaned me some more so I look forward to reading them.

Grade: B+/A-

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