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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ladies Man by Suzanne Brockmann

Hero: Sam Schaefer
Heroine: Ellen Layne
Category: Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 216
Grade: B+

From the Publisher:

The moment she spies the rugged hunk in the faded jeans at the airport, Ellen knows she should run for cover. Instead, she throws caution to the wind and plunges into a sizzling affair with the gorgeous cop. Between romantic dinners, sensual limo rides, and a perfect night of passion, Ellen is living every woman's fantasy. Until she's caught in the sights of a deranged stalker, and the divorced single mother is suddenly turning to N.Y.P.D. detective Sam Schaefer for her very survival....

Soon Sam's taking a bullet meant for Ellen, and racing against time to stop a killer from hitting his target. Keeping Ellen safe will take everything he's got. Earning her trust could be a mission impossible, as two wary hearts team up for a summer they'll never forget-and a sizzling adventure that could get them both killed...or give them everything they've ever wanted.

This was a really cute book. Very short and yet very fulfilling. Though, I've got to say that Suzanne Brockmann really loves to write those Older Heroines dating the Younger Hero's and then having issues with the age thing. This is not the first kind of story that I've read this and maybe because this book was such a short book, was why I liked it so much. Because, had I had to endure another Into the Night, I would have been majorly disappointed. Joan DeCosta got on my hot damn nerves with her constant "You're too young for me to have a real relationship with, so let's just have sex and that's it" Ugh...I got really tired of that line and that whole routine halfway through that book.

This book was different, because Ellen was upfront with Sam when he asked her why she didn't want to be with him. I liked that about Ellen, she's was a cool heroine, not very memorable though I'm afraid to say. She wasn't this spectacular heroine, but she was very likeable.

I'm glad this was a short story because it was perfect for what I needed right now, after the McKettrick read. I needed something less intense and I needed a couple who didn't fight nearly as often, this book was perfect with that.

The hero, Sam isn't my favorite hero but he was a very good one. Hot and sharp and hella charming, just the way I like them....but his sneakers? Oh hell no, that had to go. I know, it's a stupid thing to hold against a perfectly fine hero, but I couldn't get over the sneakers bit...he had cross trainers on with jeans, a button down white tee AND tie and a blazer as well...with cross trainers? Oh no, sweetie, you can do better than that and I can help you with that, you see, because in my mind I redressed you. You were wearing, slighty baggy jeans, with casual Addidas on, like the Campus or the Samoas and they were crisp and fresh and extremely white and it was paired with a button down white tee and tie, and a blazer...in my mind that is MUCH better, the battered cross trainers with the bright strike through it, yeah not feeling that so much...but hey, to each his own, so it's all good in the hood.

I liked Sam and Ellen as a unit, they were good together, they made each other laugh, they made ME laugh and I just thought their little romance was so cute, even if Ellen did bug a little with all of her, "A relationship between us could never work" crap, I loved that Sam wasn't a quitter, I loved that Sam was determined to prove to her that he loved her and I loved Ellen's kids, especially little Jamie...such a smart kid he was, Uncle Bob was the bomb too, I really liked him and his love he had for Ellen and her kids, it was cute.

This story was cute and I totally recommend this for quick, weekend reads! Good job, Suz.

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