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Sunday, July 9, 2006

I need to vent......

I'm reading Dangerous Tides by Christine Feehan right now. I've been a CF fangirl for years now. Though her stories sometimes drag a bit, I always find myself wrapped up in them, anxious for more. But I keep getting pulled out of this one. Why? Because she's inconsistant. I swear, it's like she didn't even edit this book...at all. I'm not talking about typos, either.

Let me give you a few examples:

Jonas is driving a Jeep and he's involved in an accident. He's a cop, but he was off duty, so he wasn't in his squad car. Feehan mentions this specifically. So do the H/H when they're discussing the incident. Then, not two pages later, they say, "The evidence was stolen right out of his squad car." HELLOOO! You just said he wasn't in his squad car.

Elle, the youngest daughter, has telepathy. Libby, the herione, talks about it, saying Elle's the strongest telepath in the fam. Then, one page later, Libby muses to herself that she often forgets how strong Elle's telepathy is. WTF?

Then, the hero tells one of the deputies he's in love with Libby. Two pages later he says this:
"I'm in love with her." He hadn't said the words aloud. He hadn't let himself think about the emotion.

I know these kinds of things don't bother other readers, but in this book, it's happened so often I can't even focus on the story anymore. One inconsistancy? Fine. But when it's in every chapter? It's too much! I swear I feel like CF thinks I'm too stupid to notice. Which, I'm sure isn't the case, but sheesh, couldn't she re-read her own writing to make sure there weren't mistakes like this?


Ok, rant over.

PS. I'm behind on my reviews. I owe y'all somewhere near 15, but I've been too lazy to work on them. Don't give up on me, ok? I promise to start posting more soon. Really!




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