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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Sherrilyn Kenyon book signing

I met Sherrilyn Kenyon! This is a picture of when she walked into the bookstore. I was so excited. Listen to how this all happened. I was on my lunch break, I work in a Jewelry store in the mall, and went to Borders Express to by SK's new book. Well when I get down there the book is 40% off and all her books are up front and center in the store on display. So I'm figuring it's just promotion since her new book is out and all. But when I get up to the register I see this big sign saying she'll be there at 6pm. I totally freaked, I was like "OMG are you kidding? Is she really going to be here??? TODAY!" the guy thought I was a total freak, lol. But of course I totally didn't care, and proceeded to call both Holly and Dylan to brag that I was going to met SK.
So the second I was done work at 5 pm I shot down to the store and was number 3 in line. Guess how many people showed up? Over 50! And there were actually a few men there. Wearing Dark-Hunter shirts and all, I was a little surprised about that.
Oh and then all the staff members at Borders had on these neck things that had Sk-DH all around it and a clip on the bottom with a picture of the new book on it, so this one woman was all I want one. The guy told her they were just for his staff and I was all "I"ll work here" and laughed, don't you know he was like "really?" and I"m all "yeah if you paid enough" and he gave me an application. ha ha. Well a little later he gave a huge handful of the neck things to SK and told her she could raffle them off cause they were extras, but then he came over to me and put one around my neck. I think he had a little thing for me. lol. But hey I ain't complaining it got me a free neck thing. Well I wearing it and chilling in line and all of the sudden the woman that had originally asked for one was like "hey where did you get that?" and I'm all "ummmmm" and she starts yelling at the guy. So yeah I took it off and put it in my purse before I got jumped or something.
Anyway she was really nice spent a lot of time talking to all her fans. And it was just really great. Fun experience.





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