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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hot Item by Carly Phillips

Seen on the sidelines . . .

What star quarterback has been spotted with a new flavor of arm candy? It's notorious bad boy Riley Nash, but his newest flame is the last person this reporter could imagine—none other than Sophie Jordan, beautiful, buttoned-down co-owner of The Hot Zone, the industry's top sports management agency.

What's behind this unlikely team? Some say it has to do with the sudden disappearance of super agent Spencer Atkins. Could there be a connection between the red-hot quarterback and the missing dealmaker? Or has the famous groupie magnet simply met his perfect match in cool, collected Sophie? Watch this space, because the resulting news is bound to be one Hot Item.

Sophie Jordon along with her two sisters, one older one younger, was raised by her Uncle Yank from a very young age. Both parents being killed in a plane accident the girls learned early what unexpected heartache life brings. Each relying on their own different ways to cope.

Sophie's comfort comes from being able to control things. Her life, those in it. And if she cannot control it she needs to fully understand it. So when her Uncles best friend, and co-owner of the Athlete's Only and The Hot Zone Spencer Atkins goes MIA Sophia gets a little nervous. Ever since she became a partner at The Hot Zone Spence has always been in his office ready for business at 9am sharp, never late, no exceptions. But the day after all the papers picked up on the gossip about him being gay (the true gossip) Spencer changes his way and becomes a no show.

Sophie soon finds herself with an unexpected companion in her quest to find Spence. None other than the only athlete to ever make her hot, Riley Nash, professional football star. And the bigger shock? Spense is Riley's biological father. All his life Riley has known who his father was but never had contact with him, although he did everything in his power to be noticed. Blessed with a natural talent and love for football he was sure his father the Sports Agent would recognize him and accept him, but that doesn't happen. So Riley decided long ago he needed nobody especially not his father, but Sophie makes his heart flip and stomach flop. How can he a firm believer in doing what he wants when he wants, no rules at all fit with a control obsessed woman?

So with his own issues on being rejected and Sophie's issues with needing to control everything it should be painfully obvious that they don't work. Except for that the burning heat between them, and how they seem to understand each other so well without any words makes a mockery of all their intentions to tell themselves and each other it won't work.

So go pick up the book and see how these two overcome their childhood issues, interfering Uncles, gay fathers, and bratty teenage daughter.

Funny, interesting, and sexy, a must read in my book.

Grade: B

Hot Stuff
Hot Number
Hot Item

Dylan's Turn:

Hero: Riley Nash
Heroine: Sophie Nash
Category: Contemporary
Page Count: 378 pages
Grade: B-

Okay, so this was the last installment to the Hot Zone Trilogy (is that what this is called?) Well anyway, this book was a quick read for me, a quick and very enjoyable read.

Sophie is the last Jordan sister who needs her happy ending and she finally gets hers not too long after Micki got hers. She has an insane crush on Footballer Riley Nash of the New York Giants and even though she hates athletes, Riley has gotten under her skin and she's so hot damn attracted to him that it bugs the heck out of her.

They take a trip to Florida to find his biological father and her partner who has gone missing, Spencer Atkins.

Their journey to finding love with each other was a pleasant story to read. I loved watching Sophie's personality shine through in her book. The whole controlling thing didn't bother me as much as I thought it would and I enjoyed reading about her falling in love with Riley and more importantly (for me atleast) to see Riley falling in love with Sophie.

I loved when Riley realized that he was indeed in love with Sophie. I thought it was so sweet. He was a fantastic hero, one who was kind, caring and outrageously gorgeous. He's an athlete too and I've got such a soft spot for athletes. I loves his relationship with Lizzie and I loved how he learned from his mistakes and he wasn't a butt head and stubborn (like Yank) when he was wrong.

Sophie was a fabulous heroine and I enjoyed her very much. She wasn't this pushover heroine that got on my nerves, she was what she was and I loved how Riley accepted her for it. He loved her despite all of her retarded little quirks like her incessant need to control everyone's lives.

It was sweet.

This book was sweet, fun and cute. I totally recommend it. This is my second favorite in the series, Hot Number being my most favorite!

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Blogger Jazz said...

Who wrote the original review? Me? They all say you did so I can't tell anymore. lol.

December 18, 2006 at 5:49 PM  
Blogger Dylan (aka Rowena) said...

Look at the tags, Jazz...seriously! LOL.

December 21, 2006 at 10:19 AM  

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