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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Hero of the Week: Sin MacAllister


Just saying his name alone is enough to make my toes curl, it's so sinful and sexual and enticing just like the man himself. Tortured and betrayed by the people that he loved most in the world, he fast became one of my favorite brothers in the MacAllister series, it's funny too because in the first book, which is Sin's brother Braden's book, I was drawn more to Sin then to Braden and Braden was a great hero, but he wasn't a memorable one, not like Sin was.

Sin MacAllister has the ability to capture your attention and keep it. He's one of those sneaky characters that is dead sexy gorgeous but oblivious to his looks, he's quiet and keeps to himself and there's this air of mystery that surrounds him, he's a man you can't help but gravitate to, a man you can't help but picture in your bed, wanting him to give you a chance to warm him up because he's so cold and bitter...

The illegitimate and oldest son of Laird MacAllister, he came to the Laird's home without a name and so the Laird's wife, named him Sin, because he was born in sin and he will die in sin. Sin was thrown to the wolves so to speak when he was sent away from his home, at the Kings request. Though, really it was supposed to be the youngest son that was sent to the King, his father's wife couldn't stand to be parted with any of her sons so she made sure that it was Sin who was taken away from their home.

Unable to believe that his father would let it happen, Sin fought against the hold of the guards who took him. When he was sure his father wasn't going to put up a fight for him, Sin left his Scottish home and never returned. Not too long after he was taken from his home, he was taken captive by the Saracens and was a slave. The only way to survive in the Saracen camp was to become a henchman for the Saracens and kill those he was told to kill.

He killed who he was told to kill and he did what he had to do to survive and even with the troubled life that he lived, he still had a generous heart, he was loyal to those around him and with all that he suffered in his life, he was still capable of loving with all that he was.

To have suffered all that he suffered, it was just so sweet to read about him falling in love with Callie. He was such a good man, troubled and tortured but good nonetheless, suffered for things that had nothing to do with him and taken out of the family he knew and loved and yet he still ended up beign a good, upstanding man, sexy to boot.

For all of this, Sin MacAllister deserves a spot of honor on our Hero of the Week wall.

Here's a little snippet of why I love this man so much:

She found him outside her door, leaning against the wall with his sword beside him.

"Sin? What are you doing?"

"‘Twould appear I am sitting."

"And why are you sitting there?"

"Because it’s rather difficult to sleep while standing."

Callie faltered as his meaning became clear. "You are sleeping outside my door? Why?"

"Because if I slept outside of Simon’s door, the innkeeper might think I’m strange."

His sarcasm was beginning to wear on her. Still, a smile hovered on the edges of her lips. "You could come inside and sleep."

Sin stared at her body wrapped in plaid. Her curves evident from the light behind her, she wore her coppery hair loose around her shoulders. She looked like a goddess standing there. A breathtaking angel come to save his rotten soul.

And he wanted to devour her like some ravenous wolf. To take her into his arms and sate the aching burn in his blood. It was an urge so strong, he was quite amazed to find himself still on the floor and not inside her.

Nay, he couldn’t sleep in her room. Not with her. Not when he felt so out of control with himself. "I am quite fine where I am."

"Sitting on the floor?"


To his astonishment, she knelt beside him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. His skin burned from the softness of her lips. "Thank you, my fierce protector. I shall sleep much better knowing you are out here growing stiff and cold."

Sin arched a brow at her sarcasm. He was stiff all right, but far from cold.

She rose and moved back into her room. "By the way, should you see the demon Old Red Cap, please give him my best."

Sin snorted as she closed the door. Little did his wife know, he was Old Red Cap.

Callie tried her best to sleep, but after an hour, she couldn’t stand it anymore. The thought of Sin outside on the cold floor was more than she could stand.

Getting up, she grabbed her blanket and pillow and opened the door, then paused. Sin slept with his back to her, stretched out across the doorframe.

Her heart lurched at the sight of him lying there on the cold, hard floor where his black armor no doubt bit into him. He didn’t even have a blanket to cover him. There was no way he could possibly be comfortable lying that way.

Wanting to give him whatever comfort she could, she took a step forward.

Faster than she could blink, Sin rolled over, drawing his sword and angling it at her. The tip of it was barely an inch from her throat.

She gasped in panic.

Blinking and frowning, Sin lowered his sword. "Forgive me, milady. I should have warned you that I sleep lightly and that I come awake ready to fight."

"I shall remember that."

Awkwardly, she handed him the pillow and blanket in her hands. "I thought you might have need of these."

Sin stared at the items. In all his life, no one had ever seen to his comfort. Indeed, he remembered a time once when his step-mother had purchased apple drinks at a local faire for his brothers.

Barely seven, he had watched them gulp down the cider while his own parched throat had burned.

"Might I have some, too, please?" he’d asked.

His step-mother had curled her lip at him, and scowled as if he had asked her to give over one of her limbs. "Find water if you’re able. It’s free and good enough for the worthless likes of you."

It had been the last time he had ever asked for anything. "Thank you," he said, taking the pillow and blanket from Callie’s hand.

She smiled and returned to her room.

Sin placed the pillow on the floor and returned to lie down. As soon as his head touched it, he caught of whiff of lavender. Callie’s scent. Closing his eyes, he savored the sweet smell of her and imagined the way her thighs had felt as he ran his hand over them.

The entire time he’d touched her, all he had thought about was burying himself deep inside her. Of feeling her arms holding him tightly.

Pain assailed him. Why was she kind to him when she, even more than the others, should hate him? He was her enemy. Her father had hated all things English and yet she showed compassion and kindness to him.

Morbidly, he tucked his sword back under his body where he had learned long ago to sleep with it. The cool steel pressed against the heat of his chest as the hilt and chain mail bit into his flesh. It reminded him of what he was. A warrior. There was no place in his life for comfort. No place in his beleaguered heart for a wife.

Alone was what he knew and alone was how he intended to stay.


Here's a pic of Sin to hold you over until next week:

Enjoy ladies!




Anonymous Varian_duFey said...

Ok that looks nothing like Sin... As a huge Born in Sin fan I am highly offended!

April 6, 2007 at 2:37 PM  
Blogger Dylan said...

Hey Varian sweetie,

Well when you do your OWN post on Sin, then you can put whatever picture of Sin up that you want, but Jeremy Bloom when set up in all of his kick ass warrior get up is the HOTTEST Sin around, and I'm offended that Varian would even care what Sin looked like, considering I thought he liked GIRLS and not boys. I mean, cause Merewyn WAS a girl and not Rat as she was known to be called by your Mom...right?

April 9, 2007 at 8:42 AM  
Anonymous Varian_duFey said...

we considering it's my username and not actually my name I AM a girl and can have my own opinion.... I don't think he looks like sin, his hair is too short and he looks to clean.... Sin had more of a gruff look to him but at the same time was still sexy....

May 24, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

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