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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hero of the Week: Cian MacKeltar

To describe Cian MacKeltar in one word would be a very hard task indeed, because there are too many delightful words one could use to describe, such a man as himself.

Delightful is not one of them, that's for sure.


Meh that goes to show...but Cian is oh so much more than just merely, sexy.


Again, not good enough to describe the sexiness that is Cian MacKeltar.


Yeah, getting closer because he is indeed a verra, verra luscious man, but meh, that's not unique enough to describe Cian.

Didn't I tell you, it'd be hard to describe this sexy beast in one word? We'd be here for days, weeks, months...

He's oh so much more male then any one female can handle, me thinks. Because you see, it's like this...we first hear about Cian MacKeltar in I believe it's Drustan's book and then we hear about him again in Dageus' book and then finally, we meet up with the mysterious MacKeltar ancestor in his very own story, Spell of the Highlander. The whole mystery surrounding Cian is, he's the Ancestor of Drustan and Dageus MacKeltar, who turned bad and was cursed into a mirror, never to be heard of or seen again.

So fast forward hundreds of years later, he comes into the hands of a professor and then into the curious hands of one, Jessi St. James.

Throughout his entire book, you can just feel how powerful he is and how consuming his rage is to the guy that trapped him in the mirror. You can feel how bad he wants his revenge, but one of the stipulations of his curse is that he can come out of the mirror, once he is summoned out, but it's only a temporary reprieve from the mirror and he never knows how long he has outside of the mirror. One minute he can be taking a shower and the next he'll be zapped back into the mirror with the soap, or to my utter delight, the conditioner in his hand, with his still slippery and hard all over and wet and well, you get what I mean...LOL.

The total devotion he had for Jessi was truly breathtaking. He was this hard, unbending man who fell like a rock for his mate and when he said the sacred Druid vows to Jessi, it really ripped me apart because he didn't want her to say the words back to him because he knew he was going to die and he didn't want her to suffer the way he knew she would if she repeated the vows.

So not only was he one big, Billy Bad Ass, he was also very dominating and just powerful. You would think love was something he would never care for, but the way he loved Jessi, the way he took care of her whenever he could, was so charming.

I fell in love with this man when Dageus stole his car, trapping him inside the mirror and left Jessi behind, all by her lonesome. I loved how he was stubborn and wouldn't give an inch or say a word until Dageus returned with Jessi, and he saw for himself that she was alive and well. I loved his fierce protectiveness of Jessi and I just absolutely loved when he took the shower and did what he did with the conditioner, remember that??? Huh, huh? Do you remember all of that badness? LOL...LOVE IT and LOVE HIM!

If you haven't read his book, you should definitely remedy that because this man is all kinds of the best hero and everyone should know how awesome he is...here's some swoonworthy quotes from his book that made us melt and should make you melt as well...

"Look, I've been thinking, what's your plan, anyway?"
"To bed you."
"No, I mean, your plan that might actually work."
"Ah, that plan. That would be to cross this room right now and kiss you until you start rearing off your clothing and begging me to f---"

Hehe, ever the confident and arrogant man...

"I will rue for all eternity every moment of suffering I've caused you. The entire time I'm burning in Hell, I'll regret each tear I made you weep. But if Hell were the price for twenty days with you, I'd condemn myself again and again."

Oh gosh, LOVE this man...

He searched her gaze a long silent moment. "You truly donna ken it, do you? Excepting with you, Jessica. You, lass, are the exception to everything," he said softly.
"You mean, you're not just stuck with me? You like me?" She wanted to kick herself the moment she blurted the stupid question. Puh-thetic, Jessi, she winced inwardly. That was worse than the "I carried a watermelon " line from Dirty Dancing.
Suddenly he smiled, and the sadness was vanquished by whisky heat. "Aye, Jessica, I like you. And I'm not just stuck with you. You fit me here, woman." He thumped his chest with his fist.
Wow. He wasn't a man of many words, but when he used them, he certainly used the right ones. You fit me here. You are the exception to everything.

*sigh* Yeah, this man would do well to serve as this week's Hero of the Week and this is why:

Yeah, thats what I'm talking about....ORGASMIC! There's the word...

Until next week...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rowena i looooove you. ALL your articles are to die-for. please keep them coming. I'm eternally a fan of yours. thanks for such delight

June 29, 2008 at 7:53 AM  

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