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Monday, November 20, 2006

Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts

Hero: Cian Mac Cionaoith
Heroine: Queen Moira of Geall
Category: Paranormal
Page Count: I forgot and I don't have the book here with me.
Grade: A

The battleground has been chosen for the final showdown between those selected by the gods and the minions of the vampire Lilith. But there is one vampire who dares stand against her. And his love for the scholarly queen of Geall will complete the circle of six-and change the face of eternity.

Finally the war has begun.

It took three books to get here but we're finally here, where the big showdown happens. I enjoyed this book immensely and it took me a lot longer to get through both of the previous books but Nora Roberts certainly delivered with the last installment of The Circle Trilogy on both counts. The war finally happens and we see that the little battles they've won and lost to Lillith in the previous books helped them in the war.

This book was a great read for me because I was finally gifted with my love, Cian's book. And I loved that he was what he was and he didn't apologize for it and he did what needed to be done, even if Moira didn't care for it. She may have been the Queen to everyone, but to him, she was just a woman, he was trying desperately not to love because he didn't want her to die on him and he be left with only memories of her...so he kept her at a safe distance but when she approached him for something more, he was perilous to stop her because he wanted it so much. I loved it!

Their romance, their relationship, their story was my favorite in the whole series and I enjoyed the heck out of it. I loved how Morrigan was extremely proud of each of the Six and how she rewarded each of them. I loved how she didn't forget Cian. I loved her gift to Cian, now some maybe most of you might not, so I'm warning you now, Mailyn you probably wouldn't like it one bit, but that's okay because I did...

...I loved the old man who was telling the story and I loved the children who were listening and I just loved the way the whole story ended, it was just so friggin' great.

I loved how they both did what needed to be done, but they were both honest with each other, I love you and I know you love me so give me the words, and the words were given with no hesitation, they didn't shy away from their love for each other, once Cian stopped fighting and I loved how even though she was the Queen, she was Moira first and foremost and she loved everyone with all that she was.

She cared.

Moira as a heroine was great to read about. She was smart, she felt she had to earn her people's respect and she did. She did what needed to be done and when things got ugly for her as a Queen, she didn't hide away behind her friends or her court, she took responsibility for her actions where her people were concerned and she went and did what she felt she needed to do. What I loved most about Moira is that, though she was Queen and she had certain responsibilities to uphold, she didn't and wouldn't let anyone tell her who she could love and spend her private moments with. Cian was the worst person she could have aligned herself with privately but that didn't stop her from following her heart and sharing as much time with Cian as she possibly could.

Cian, well you guys already know how much I love this man...I don't want to ruin the story for anyone, so I'll just discuss why I loved Cian so much with anyone that wants to discuss this story and the ending with me, but just know that Cian is top notch for me, I frickin' LOVED him. I loved how he stood by Moira's side even when no one wanted him to, I loved how fiercely he loved Moira and I just loved him as a person...he was changed, he was a vampire and yet he wasn't like the evil vampires that Lillith made. He was so much stronger than that. I loved that about him.

I loved Cian and Moira as a unit, I loved how Cian didn't hesitate to tell Moira when she needed to buck up and handle what needed to be handled. I loved how he didn't shy away from being honest with her. When she was being retarded about killing, he killed for her in front of whoever was around, be it the six of them or the entire land of Geall and didn't apologize for it as he walked away, he let her know when she was being stupid and when she was great, he let her know that too. I loved his honesty. It was refreshing and made me love him all the more.

This book was really great, I'd recommend it, I loved the way it all worked out...I loved the way Cian and Moira came together at the end and I rejoiced when they were back together, I just loved it.

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