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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hero of the Week: Cian Mac Cionaoith

Okay so it's been a heck of a long time since we've last had one of these and I promise, dear readers, that I will work harder to get one of these out every week, as doing this I remember how much fun I used to have trying to woo you lovely readers into reading the book of the spotlight hero of the week.

Anyway, this week's Hero of the Week goes to a hero who was damned by one greedy, power hungry bitch, named Lillith. She approached said hero and seduced him and when they were in the throes of passion, she revealed unto him who she was and though he fought her, she was much too powerful for him to defeat so he fell to this ugly nasty bitch who I hope to all that is holy gets hers in his book.

I'm not quite finished with his book (which by the way is Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts, the third and final book in The Circle Trilogy, well duh but yeah that's his book), but I'm so enchanted with this hero's character and his book that I couldn't wait to make him the spotlight of the week. So here he is, in all his glory.

Cian Mac Cionaoith.

He's brother to Hoyt the Sorcerer and part of the Circle of Six that the Goddess Morrigan has chosen to take on the evil Lillith and her Vampire Army. As he IS a vampire, he's considered a traitor amongst the Vampire World, but he's loyal to his human brother and their cause. He's also the sexiest vampire this series boasts of. From the jump, I was drawn to Cian, though he played his role in the shadow of both Hoyt and Larkin. He's quiet, mean and rude and ruthless in his training. He goes easy on no one, feels nothing but annoyed tolerance for everyone, even his brother...because developing feelings for others isn't worth the empty ache they'll leave inside him once they're done with this life and he continues with his, being the immortal vampire that he is.

So he has lived a solitary life, enjoying the company of scores of women, but in the nine hundred years he's lived the life of an undead, he's loved no one....until Moira.


For a vampire who lived in the shadows most of his undead life, it was good to finally see him come out of the shadow and be apart of the story instead of in the shadows of the story. To see the world through Cian's eyes was sobering. The way the people that he was fighting FOR and WITH, feared him and were repulsed by him made my heart hurt for him. When I read about how people cringed away from him it hurt me because I knew he was used to it. He was used to the cruelty of humans. And the way the humans treated him as if he killed and plundered his way through them nowadays made me mad on his behalf because his reasons for not feeding from humans was sweet and he was such a lonely spirit. If anyone needed someone in their corner, someone to care for him, it was Cian.

My favorite scenes from Cian Mac Cionaoith's book were these memorable ones:

..."I find that a very human sort of choice."

"Do you?" And the words were a shrug. "I find it merely an impulsive--and painful--one."

He slipped out to make his way to his own room on the northern side of the castle. Impulse, he thought again, and, he could admit to himself, an instant of raw fear. If he'd seen the arrow fly a second later, or moved with a fraction less speed, she'd be dead.

And in that instant of impulse and fear, he'd seen her dead. The arrow still quivering as it pierced her flesh, her blood spilling the life out of her onto her dark green gown and the hard gray stones.

He feared that, feared the end of her, where she would be beyond him. Where she would go to a place he couldn't see or touch. Lilith would have taken one last thing from him with that arrow, one last thing he could never regain.

For he'd lied to his brother. He had loved a woman, despite his best--or worst--intentions, he loved the new crowned queen of Geall.


"Damn it." Cian slammed down the cup, then scowled at the blood that splattered on the maps. "You humans crowd me with these feelings. You push them at me, and into me without a single thought for how I can survive them."

"How can you survive without them?" Larkin wondered.

"Comfortably. What difference does it make to you what I feel? She needed someone."

"Not someone. You."

"Her mistake," Cian said quietly. "My damnation. I love her, or I would have taken her before this for the sport of it. How, I'm not sure, but I love her otherwise I wouldn't feel so goddamn desperate. And you repeat that to anyone, I'll snap your head from your shoulders, friend or not."

And then my absolute favorite quote from the sexy, Cian Mac Cionaoith...

"Moira." He kept her hand in his, then laid hers against his chest. "If it beat, it would beat for you."


And THAT dear readers, is why Cian Mac Cionaoith is this week's Hero of the Week. Here's a picture of him...sexy, huh?

Until next week...




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