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Saturday, May 27, 2006

My Current TBR Pile

If any of you frequent my other blog, you know that I just recently moved. Last night I unpacked and organized all of my books. In the process, I separated my ARB (already read books) from my TBR (to be read) books, something I hadn't ever done before. Why? Because I didn't have the space for it before. I bought new bookshelves, however, and now have an extra one for the books I still need to read.

Only, I didn't realize, until I got them all organized and separated, how many books I have that I still need to read. I'm making it my goal to have knocked out my entire TBR pile by the end of June. Well, with the exception of two. I have two of Diana Gabaldon's books in my pile and I'm not making any promises about those. But I plan to knock out the rest this coming month.

Up until about two months ago, I was a voracious reader. I consumed between two and three books a day! Lately, though, I've not ready anything. I'm lucky if I finish a book a week. I'm very disturbed by this. I've never in my life had a TBR pile or more than a book or two. Never.

So, with my goal set up and attainable, I'm asking for help. I'm in some strange reading funk and I need help deciding which book from my TBR pile to read first. I figure (as long as I'm able) I'll post between ten and fifteen new books every Saturday and ask for recommendations from them. Please keep in mind while you're making suggestions that I'm in a TERRIBLE reading slump right now and not at all excited to read anything, so make your suggestions good! Thanks!

Oh, wondering how many books I have in my pile? *sigh* 98. Yes, ninety-eight. Isn't that sad?

Alright, here's my first ten. I picked them based on the back blurb and what I remember being recommended on other sites:

  1. Elizabeth Boyle: It Takes A Hero
  2. Linda Castillo: Depth Perception
  3. Liz Carlyle: A Woman of Virtue
  4. Shannon Drake: Knight of Fire
  5. Andrea Kane: I'll Be Watching You
  6. Cathy Maxwell: Temptation of a Proper Governess
  7. Linda Lael Miller: McKettrick's Choice
  8. Candice Proctor: The Last Knight
  9. Maggie Shayne: Thicker Than Water
  10. Anne Stuart: Lord of Danger

I would also appreciate it if you'd let me know if any of these are part of a series and where they lie in said series and whether or not they're even worth reading. I have doubts about some of the ones on my shelf, but I'm reserving judgment for now.

I want to thank all of you in advance for helping me. The sooner I get this pile knocked out, the sooner I can buy more, right? *snicker*

P.S. I'm still doing this, so any help you can offer there would be much appreciated also!




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