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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Solomon Sisters Wise Up by Melissa Senate

Grade: B+
Date: 2/19/06

Between the reality of being six weeks pregnant by a guy she's dated for two months and the fantasy of pushing a baby stroller down Columbus Avenue with a wedding ring on her finger were a lot of possibilities for twenty-nine-year old Manhattan publishing peon Sarah Solomon. Will the baby's father run screaming for the nearest subway . . . or pop the question?

"He's going to deny they ever had sex!" bets cynical sister Ally, an uptown lawyer who catches her "perfect" husband cheating . . . and happily retaliates on FindAMate.com.

"He might surprise everyone and propose," offers half sister Zoe, a celebrated relationship guru who critiques dates for a living but would have to rate her own love life a big fat zero.

"Huh?" asks their clueless father, too busy planning his society wedding to trophy wife #3 to notice what's up with his daughters. Until Sarah, Ally and Zoe find themselves suddenly sharing a bedroom in his Park Avenue penthouse . . . . "

And thanks to a little help from each other and some unexpected allies, the Solomon sisters are about to wise up in this heartwarming and hilarious novel by Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date.

What a pleasant story about family relationships to go with the complicated romantic relationships that we read about in The Solomon Sisters Wise Up. It's about three sisters who wise up about life, love and their family.

Growing up, Abby, Sarah and Zoe didn't have much of a relationship. They all have very different personalities and those personalities always clashed whenever they found themselves in the same room. But when different incidents happen to each of them, they all find themselves under the same roof again, the roof of the father that all of them have NEVER had a relationship with.

It was great fun to read about these sisters with no kind of relationship with eachother, form a bond that cannot be broken. The bond of sisterhood heals all wounds and binds you to other women you know will share your burdens, share your secrets and keep them safe and sound. They'll shelter you from the world when you need it and they'll take care of you when you don't think you can, and most importantly, they'll hold your hand to get you through the toughest situations life hands you.

The story of Abby, Sarah and Zoe was truly great to be apart of and I'm so glad that I picked it out of the box from the office and ran off away with it. I didn't think that I would like it as much as I did, I loved it even more. It was just what I needed to get me out of my reading funk, because not only do I want to read more, I want to read more Melissa Senate.

Of all the sisters, I related more with Sarah because she was the one who struggled with her secret pregnancy and when I read about her story, it sort of struck home because a lot of what she went through, I went through when I was pregnant, but that's where the similarities stop because Sarah got her happy ending and I'm still waiting for mine.

The characters were all relatable and even though the situations each sister were in were cliche'd or typical to read about in these kinds of books, it was still a great read. The story was all over the place because each chapter was told through the eyes of one sister, but I think it worked well and added a bit of spice. It made me want to call each of my sisters and tell them how much I love them and just hug them to death. It was just an all around great read for me and I would totally recommend it!

And just so you know....


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