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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Isabel's 10 Reading Secrets...

As you know, I love to read. For the longest time, I didn't read romance. The covers, I admit turned me off. Then I got dumped and I stumbled upon The Wedding by Julie Garwood. I read it and fell in love with it. It gave me hope. I figured if I can't have love in real life, I could at least lose myself in the book and live out my fantasies that way.

Here are my 10 Readings Secrets.

1) I'll dog ear my favorite scenes. In a certain mood, I like to go back and read a particular scene. And yes, this is includes love scenes.

2) I have a problem with certain words during a love scene. If it's truly a love scene, I don't like works like "cock", "pussy", or "fuck". Too vulgar for me. If it is a raunchy, dirty sex scene and it calls for those words, than ok.

3) I love tortured heroes. They are my favorite romance book heroes.

4) If I can't stand a book, I won't finish it. I'll put it down and walk away.

5) I hate when authors rush through something. Especially the ending. If I feel the ending is rushed, it just ruins the story for me.

6) If the cover has a bodice ripping cover, I'll be careful not read it at work or public.

7) I don't really care for time travel books except for Karen Marie Moning's books.

8) I like my love scenes not to graphic and not to vague. The love scene is important. If I don't feel the characters connected, than I just won't root for the couple.

9) I have a weakness for a highlanders.

10) If I really love a hero, I'll imagine myself as the leading lady.

My favorite romance authors:

Karen Marie Monning- Read her highlander series. They are really good books. Favorite is To Tame a Highland Warrior. Order is: Beyond the Highland Mist, To Tame a Highlander Warrior, The Highlander's Touch, Kiss of the Highlander, The Dark Highlander, The Immortal Highlander and Spell of the Highlander.

Julie Garwood- Her historical are the best. Favorite is The Wedding

Julia Quinn- The Bridgerton Series. Love this series. She knows how to combine romance with humor. Favorite is The Duke and I and When He Was Wicked. (Yes I know I'm in the minority with WHWW)

Sherrilyn Kenyon- The Dark Hunter Series. Love tortured heroes? She has a whole series of them. Favorite is Night Play. She is having convention in New Orleans in October. I really want to go, but doubt I can swing it.

Honorable mention:
Teresa Medeiros: Favorite is One Night of scandal.

Lisa Kleypas: Dreaming of You. (How I love Derek Craven)

For more Beauty and the Beast screen caps visit here.




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