Sunday, January 8, 2006

Love Underground: Persephone's Tale by Alicia Fields

Young Persephone is the most beautiful maiden in Hellas. But all the boys are scared away by her mother, Demeter, whose mysterious powers must have come from the gods. So Persephone keeps her distance, and spends her days living a sheltered life. Then one day, Hades-the dreaded lord of the dead-sees Persephone. Enchanted, he whisks her deep into his dark realm. At first, she rejects him-but Hades is wealthy, intelligent, and powerful. He courts Persephone as no man has ever dared before and reveals to her, in the rumored "land of the dead," a world more wondrous than she'd ever imagined-one where she may just discover a passion greater than life itself.

This author has taken the Greek myths and wrote their stories as if they were mortal beings. If the first book of The goddesses Series, she writes about Persephone and Hades.

In this book, she writes how Demeter lets Persephone run wild. However, she doesn't want Persephone to be courted or married. She tells Persephone men are basically scum. Persephone is kidnapped by Hades it's with him she experiences freedom her mother never allowed her before. In the end, she must choose living with her mother or living with man she's grown to love.

I enjoyed reading this book. It basically retells the myth so you understand it. What I thought was a different twist is that the author writes about the characters as mortal beings. I give it a C+

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